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  • Shoot Down the Wendy Bird is full of stories with relatable characters and real life situations. Some are about hard topics no one wants to talk about but should like alcoholism. While others are so scandalous you feel like you’re spying. Can we say “cheating fiancé”? Either way, once you start reading you won’t want to stop. The stories are so well written and keep you engaged you’ll finish this book in no time and be asking for more.
    Samantha Jade Minor
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  • Shoot Down the Wendy Bird, was a quick and enthralling read. Each story builds upon the next in surprising ways. The moments capture true emotions that are familiar to us all. I highly recommend it.
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  • Shoot Down the Wendy Bird, written by Julie Zantopoulos, is a wonderful collection of short stories and poetry that tap into every emotion imaginable. The entire book is an emotional roller coaster that is going to have a long line of people wanting to ride.
  • What a beautifully written book, it is as if Julie grabbed her net, travelled around the human universe in search of love, hate, anger, lust, loss, and even fear. Julie swung her net and caught one by one these treasures and carefully gathered it together in a jar and labeled it Shoot Down the Wendy Bird.
  • "Julie writes the hell out of this book. I don't read many books - and I say that as a writer myself - so to tell you that this book is extremely well written and SO well done that it kept me interested enough to just keep reading it from start to finish? Well, that is saying something. Intriguing, captivating and amazingly well thought out, "Wendy Bird" is a fantastic read.
    Julie has always always impressed me as both a professional and as a friend. If you're familiar with her works in her magazine, The Indie Chick, and on her own social networking sites and blog, then you are in for a great treat with "Shoot Down the Wendy Bird." I am amazingly proud of Julie and the caliber of work she has put out - I hope she wins a billion writing awards for this. She deserves it, and you deserve to read it for yourself."  ~Rodney Lacriox, Author of Romantic as Hell, Perhaps I've Said Too Much, and Things Go Wrong For Me.