About Julie

Julie Zantopoulos, Shoot Down the Wendy Bird

Who Am I?

I'm an author. I've waited a long time to be able to say that, and now that I can, I may never introduce myself as anything else. But I am a lot of other things, even if I put author first.

I may have just published my first book but I've been writing online and have been published in Indie Chick, a print magazine distributed nationwide in the United States through Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million. My work has been featured on multiple dating websites offering tips for single life and dating. I'm the former Editor-in-Chief and VP of The Indie Chicks, Inc. where I worked with hundreds of amazing women (and some men) making sure readers had empowering content daily.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Cabrini College, which I use all the time in my writing. Seriously, Mom and Dad, a Psych degree finds its way into all my characters, my plots, and my advice articles. I'm a huge nerd for anything SyFy, YA Lit, LOTR, or Harry Potter so feel free to nerd out or tag me in geeky things on Instagram.


When you’re a writer, you write. It doesn’t matter if nobody sees it, or likes it, you write because it’s who you are. For the majority of my life, I kept my words to myself and remained fiercely protective of my characters. What a disservice that was to them!

I know now that the real joy of writing comes in the sharing. It's my hope that you enjoy them.

Where I've Been Featured

I've had some amazing opportunities to talk about my craft and inspire others. Please take the time to inspire yourself with the following interviews, podcasts, and advice articles I've contributed to.